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EM Design

RTW  is continuously active in the design of innovative products and solutions for application in microwave and millimiterwave systems. RTW supplies custom design jobs for the fulfilment of specific requirements.
Find below a list of the principal lines of development:

• Antennas and Antenna Systems:

- Horn Antennas: pyramidal, sectoral, standard gain, conical, corrugated, double-ridge, quad-ridge, etc.
- Reflector Antennas: single / double reflector, onset / offset, Cassegrain, Gregorian, ADE (Axially Displaced Ellipse), shaped reflector, etc.
Planar Antennas: Microstrip Antennas, Patch, Arrays, Miniaturized Antennas 

• Antenna Feed Components: linear/ circular polarisation, dual polarized feeds, orthomode transducers, rotary joints, filters, diplexer, etc.
• Microwave Passive Components  (adapters, transitions, power divider, Magic- T, hybrids, directional couplers, terminations, etc.)
• Ferrite Devices: circulators, isolators, switches, phase-shifters etc.
• Microwave sub-systems and assemblies

Design is carried out by means of advanced tools for EM simulation and optimization.
CST Microwave Studio (link: http://www.cst.com/Content/Products/MWS/Overview.aspx)

ANSYS HFSS and Designer (link: http://www.ansys.com/Products/Simulation+Technology/Electromagnetics)

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