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RTW | Ride the Wave

RTW is an engineering company dedicated to electromagnetic design and microwave engineering. RTW designs, develops and tests antennas and passive RF components and microwave sub-systems. We are specialized in custom solutions with major applications in telecommunications, defence and space. Our vision is value through continuous aim to innovation and deep care of the details. The mission of RTW is to become a partner of our customers, developing special solutions of high quality and reliability for their complete satisfaction and for the enhancement of their competitive position.

EM Design

RTW is continuously active in the design of innovative products and solutions for application in microwave and millimiterwave systems. RTW supplies custom design jobs for the fulfilment of specific requirements. Find below a list of the principal lines of development:

  • Antennas and Antenna Systems:
    • Horn Antennas: pyramidal, sectoral, standard gain, conical, corrugated, double-ridge, quad-ridge, etc.
    • Reflector Antennas: single / double reflector, onset / offset, Cassegrain, Gregorian, ADE (Axially Displaced Ellipse), shaped reflector, etc.
    • Planar Antennas: Microstrip Antennas, Patch, Arrays, Miniaturized Antennas
  • Antenna Feed Components: linear/ circular polarisation, dual polarized feeds, orthomode transducers, rotary joints, filters, diplexer, etc.
  • Microwave Passive Components (adapters, transitions, power divider, Magic- T, hybrids, directional couplers, terminations, etc.)
  • Ferrite Devices: circulators, isolators, switches, phase-shifters etc.
  • Microwave sub-systems and assemblies

Design is carried out by means of advanced tools for EM simulation and optimization like:

Technical advice and Consultacy

RTW offers experienced engineering assistance in microwave product development and in EM related topics. Areas of interest of RTW’s study and R&D efforts are:

  • Novel microwave devices and sub-systems
  • Antennas systems
  • Microwave technology transfer to alternative industrial sectors:
    • security
    • biomedical
    • robotics
    • etc.
  • Innovative RF solutions
  • EM propagation

Please Contact us for any requirements you may want to discuss directly with us.

RF Test

RTW’s test laboratory offers expertise and advanced instruments in performing RF measurements and adjustment services throughout the microwave and millimiter-wave spectrum up to 50 GHz.

Find below a list of the services:

  • Scalar and Vector measurements
  • RF qualification tests of microwave devices
  • Antenna measurements in anechoic chamber
  • Bread-board assessment
  • Complete test plans for RF devices
  • Custom testing set-up

Everything You Need in One Partner


Gruppo Pasquali comprises three companies that join and integrate their specialized skills to produce high quality microwave solutions complying with unique customers’ needs.

Pasquali Microwave Systems

Microwave Components Manufacturing

Vega Composites

Advanced Composites Carbon Fiber Products

RTW – Ride The Wave

EM Design & RF Test

Galvanica Pasquali

Galvanic and Chemical Surface Treatment

Pasquali Microwave USA

Commercial Department – Stable presence of commercial offices for the United States market only.

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