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RTW is a dynamic and adaptable engineering company specializing in electromagnetic (EM) design, RF testing, consultancy, and technical advice for microwave product development. As a dedicated research and development (R&D) team, we actively engage as partners in specific projects aimed at creating innovative microwave products.

Our technical expertise and support span the entire product development lifecycle. From the initial stages of feasibility studies to the final qualification tests, RTW is committed to providing comprehensive assistance and guidance.

Collaboration lies at the heart of RTW‘s approach. We work closely with our customers to create customized products that meet unique mechanical configurations and specific electrical and system requirements.

Quality and reliability are our top priorities. Leveraging advanced electromagnetic simulation tools, our designs are meticulously crafted to deliver optimal performance. Our well-equipped test laboratory possesses the expertise and instrumentation to conduct RF measurements up to 50 GHz.

RTW operates under a certified Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. This enables us to ensure a prompt response to customer requests and the timely completion of projects, adhering to predetermined schedules.

Experience the benefits of working with a flexible engineering partner that prioritizes quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Contact RTW today to discuss your specific requirements and embark on a successful collaboration.

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RTW | Key Personnel

Andreina ArmogidaMSc Eng., PhD Technical Director, Marketing Manager
Luigi VolpiMSc Eng., Product Manager, Engineering and RF Test

RTW | History

RTW Ride The Wave, founded in 2003, is a pioneering company led by a team of engineers and researchers with specialized skills in electromagnetics and microwave technologies. Originally established as a spin-off from the University of Pisa, RTW is located in the renowned “Polo Tecnologico” of Navacchio, Pisa, Italy.

In recognition of its innovative approach, RTW received funding from the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa in 2004 as part of a program supporting startup companies. This support allowed RTW to further develop its capabilities and expand its offerings.

A significant milestone in RTW‘s journey occurred in 2005 when it forged a collaboration with Pasquali Microwave Systems. This collaboration focused on the development of customized microwave components for radar systems. In 2006, RTW officially became part of Gruppo Pasquali, assuming the role of its dedicated research and development (R&D) company. Since then, RTW has been responsible for all electromagnetic (EM) designs in the production of Pasquali Microwave Systems.

Benefit from the extensive expertise and cutting-edge solutions provided by RTW Ride The Wave. Contact us today to discover how our electromagnetics and microwave technologies can meet your unique requirements.